Q & A

Some questions to ask a therapist before you schedule a session:

What kind of training have you had and what type or types of massage will you be using?

How long have you been practicing massage?

 What are your prices?

How long will the session last?

Most full body massage sessions last 1 hour. This gives the therapist time to address the issues that the patient may have.  My regular sessions are approximately 60 to 75 minutes.  I also offer half hour and 90 minute sessions.

Do you use a drape while massaging?A drape is used at all time

A drape (covering) is always used, and only the area that is being massaged is uncovered.  Of course, you may keep on whatever clothing you wish in order to remain comfortable during your session. Mini-massage specials (usually 15-20 minutes) are done fully clothed.

What kind of oils, creams, products, etc. do you use?

I generally use a cream, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky, not greasy, and does not have a strong scent. I try to keep my office as scent-free as possible due to the many allergies presented, but will use an essential oil if needed.  I can also use a massage oil, generally coconut, grapeseed, or a blended oil if needed.

What kind of payment do you accept?  Cash, check, credit card?

Cash and credit card/PayPal are preferred payment methods at this time.

How can I make an appointment?

Text me, E-mail me or BOOK ON-LINE!!!  It is best to make your appointment at least 24-48 hours ahead of time to ensure a booking.  I do not accept same day appointments, with a few exceptions for regular clients.

More questions:

What are those “knots”?

Technically, it is the abnormal joining of tissues. Those knots or “adhesions” can occur around a site of previous inflammation. Although they don’t always cause problems, they can limit flexibility and range of motion in and around a joint capsule.

Should massage be at all painful?

Many factors come into play here!  It depends on the modality of bodywork you choose.  If your muscles feel tight and sore and you choose Swedish massage, there may at first be some discomfort. Usually the pain will dissipate after a few minutes. However, in some cases of extensive deep work, there may be some pain at the site of the affected area and it may take up to 24 hours before you reap the benefits of the massage.

If you decide on energy work like reiki or therapeutic touch or just a relaxation massage, it should not cause any discomfort.  It should be soothing yet invigorating and/or relaxing.  Always feel free to communicate with your therapist when you are uncomfortable, or for that matter, when it’s feeling good!

When should I expect results?

The effects of massage tend to be cumulative. After one massage the effects will last for a short time, but with more regular treatments the effects appear to last longer.  Depending on the type of bodywork you choose, in most cases, tangible results can be realized as soon as your massage session is completed. You’ll feel rejuvenated, relaxed and often pain free. However, chronic conditions may require specific massage techniques and could take up to 4-6 weeks of massage therapy to achieve positive results.

What can you expect? (excerpted from AMTA)

The first appointment generally begins with the massage therapist asking what prompted you to get a massage, your current physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress level, and painful areas. The massage therapist may ask you about your health goals and what you hope the massage will do to help you achieve those goals.

Some massages, such as those on-site at your place of business, are done while you are fully clothed. For a full-body massage you will be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort. Undressing takes place in private, and a sheet, towel or gown is provided for draping. The therapist will uncover only the part of your body being massaged, insuring that modesty is respected at all times. Your massage will take place in a comfortable atmosphere and on a padded table. You should expect a peaceful, relaxing experience.

How often should I receive massage?

Your personal situation will determine when and how often to receive a massage. In cases where there is chronic pain or medical conditions, your massage therapist and/or physician will determine the frequency of your sessions. When stressful situations arise, a massage can help you relax, release and let go. The cumulative effects of a weekly or monthly massage will certainly enhance your health and well-being.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance assignments or bill insurance companies.  Upon payment of your massage, I can issue you a receipt that you can present for flex time or to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Your insurance company will need a prescription from your health  care provider.

A Question of Touch:  
Everything you read about creation and manifesting, etc. tells us that we have everything we need inside of us. Everything we need, we already have, it mentions this in several books I’ve read. If this is true then why do we need human touch so much?  One of the most severe punishments society imposes on criminals is that of solitary confinement. Even babies will die if they aren’t held and touched.  Why do we need so much to be touched, hugged etc if everything we need is already inside us? Is needing another human some kind of weakness that we need to overcome?

Hand Massage

Touch Feels Good

One Theory.  I believe that, yes we have everything we ever need within us, because within us is the God-spark and that is perfection. That is our be-ing. If we could only be what is within us, then we would not need the rest other than because we enjoy the experience. As humans, we need the energetic touch of another being. That is part of the experience of this planet and plane of existence. Like a seed has everything in it to grow and manifest it’s own be-ing, it still needs the sun, and water, and the energies of other living creatures in order to flourish.  It is part of the earthly experience to be nurtured. It is not weak, or even needy.  And perhaps without those things it might still remain alive, but it’s own energy will diminish. So with humans. We have created on this planet a world of emotion and feelings – pleasure, pain, joy, despair, etc. – for our own experiencing. Touch is but a means to convey these non-physical experiences. Many humans have survived without touch or communication, but it is contrary to the human experience for that to be. Because we are part of a whole, we want to ‘feel’ as part of the whole. Being in human body separates us from each other, and to ‘feel’ connected as we are energetically, the sense of touch comes into play. ‘Touch’ makes us feel connected with each other. It helps the body feel connected to the spirit when the energy of one human touches the body of another. Because we are in the physical, you could say it is equivalent to our auras connecting. Make sense? If we were in the non-physical, we connect very easily. Being in physical, we have to touch to feel the connection.


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