Massage and Bodywork

Anxiety/Stress Relief, Peaceful Relaxation since 1989

Have you ever wanted to just feel good – have your body soothed, feel the stress just melting away, a sigh of relief escaping from your lips as you close your eyes and drift off to a place of serenity and well-being.  The chattering in your mind begins to quiet, your nerves begin to settle as that stress and anxiety start to leave your body.  Often some of those little aches, pains and areas of soreness start easing up as your muscles begin to relax.  You begin to feel connected with your body again, to feel whole.


 My Guarantee – to make you feel better in
body, mind, and spirit.  With Massage, you can feel good, stay well, and heal faster.
Book now to escape from reality for an hour or more…. a chance to just think about things without any outside ‘stuff’ to get in the way…. a chance to connect with your spirit, to go within, to get reacquainted with your higher self.  An attitude adjustment?  Yes, all this plus the physiological benefits of massage therapy.

A licensed massage therapist since 1989, Angela Crisafulli, LMT, brings the sensitivity and caring needed to make your experience one of well being, nurturing and spiritual alignment.  In addition to anxiety and stress reduction, you may also experience relief from pain due to muscle tension.